21st & 22nd March 2023

Old Billingsgate Market, London


Fintechs Pitch LIVE 2022 - The finalists

Category One - Startup

We are looking for a Fintech Startup that can showcase an exciting innovation, show a great potential and demonstrate the potential impact in the industry.

The Canny Technology Company Ltd

Dialect Communications Limited

FINALIST – MoneySuite (Future Business Vision Ltd)

MoneySuite (Future Business Vision Ltd) are Fintech SaaS platform providing applications and APIs for SME Billing and Payments.

Category Two - Scaleup

We are looking for a Fintech Scaleup that can demonstrate initial traction, show a clear vision of where they are going and prove early market disruption.

Polydigi Tech

Digital Identity Net U.K. Ltd


FXGuard Limited


ApTap builds bill management tools that let customers cancel, compare, switch or sign up to services with a few taps.

Category Three - Established

We are looking for an Established Fintech that can demonstrate a good traction, disruption and clear vision for the future. 


viafintech GmbH (Paysafe)


Osper is a parent-managed debit card for young people.


Unizest is an app-based current account designed specifically for the needs of people coming to the UK to work or study. It is difficult to get a bank account in the UK without residential history. This causes pain for new arrivals and also for the agencies, employers and universities recruiting them. Unizest works with recruitment agencies to create a seamless onboarding process to a digitally enabled current account that is built for purpose.

The Canny Technology Company Ltd

Canny is an AI-driven B2B2C remittance Marketplace-As-A-Service business that helps any business to launch regulated remittance service in any part of the world and monetise their existing international user base with just a few lines of code.

We differentiate from other remittance businesses through our unique remittance marketplace coupled with Request to Pay / Invoice to Pay propositions that offers global coverage and enables end users to get the best from the market . Through Canny, financial institutions get a single interface with a multitude of services to serve their customers.

Dialect Communications Limited

Dialect is a niche service provider, providing a customer experience solution to new and growing Fintech businesses. Offering 365 support to end users in a multi lingual capacity, Dialect allows Fintech businesses to grow their customer base and allow Dialect to focus on supporting the end users with first class service.


Fintechs and Wealthtechs plug our API in to pay their users effortless cashback when they shop. Regardless of where they bank, how they pay or where they shop.


We are Sibstar, a FinTech start up, supported by the UK’s largest dementia charity, the Alzheimer’s Society. People living with dementia (PLWD) often lose their ability to deal with their daily finances. As confusion increases so does their vulnerability to being scammed, losing cash/cards, giving money away inappropriately or over-buying. Hard earned savings rapidly start to disappear. Current banking services offered to PLWD and carers are inadequate and not fit for purpose. So often the only choice is to remove a PLWD\’s access to their finances resulting in financial exclusion and social isolation speeding their decline and the need for costly, higher levels of care. Increased exclusion also does nothing to tackle the stigmas associated with dementia. We designed Sibstar to help families living with dementia to safely manage their day to day money. Giving everyone peace of mind as they enjoy their everyday activities.

( Future Business Vision Ltd)

We are Fintech SaaS platform providing applications and APIs for SME Billing and Payments.

Polydigi Tech

Polydigi Tech is a cybersecurity company that specialises in various innovative identity authentication technologies ranging from mobile-based authentication, hardware protection to biometric authentication.

Digital Identity Net U.K. Ltd

Digital Identity Net (DIN) operates a UK identity scheme, OneID, that enables people to simply and securely prove their identity online.


ITSCREDIT is a software company specialised in credit solutions. Our Omnichannel Digital Lending Platform enables the clients of banks and financial institutions to apply for a loan in real time and 100% online, while also delivering total control over the credit process – from simulation to loan origination. Our Platform comprises four main modules which can be quickly integrated with all existing banking software systems and work independently or together: ITS Calculators, ITS Flowcredit, ITS Risk Analysis & Scoring and ITS Collections.

FXGuard Limited

FXGuard is a UK based fintech start-up company with a vision to forever change the way corporations and institutions, both big and small, manage foreign exchange (FX) risk in their businesses. Protecting bottom-line by active, and effective FX risk management is even more important for businesses during uncertain, and challenging times. FXGuard is well placed for strong client traction, and growth in the current, and post Covid19 environment due to its unique FX risk focus, and digital offering.


Core activity is to build and perform a platform, calles PayPense which allows companies to provide employees with liquidity on point. Besides providing employees with liquidity whenever its needed, PayPense makes sure, that the money is spend at the right merchant and that every receipts are in line with legal obligations.


At ApTap we’re building bill management tools that let customers cancel, compare, switch or sign up to services with a few taps. You can think of us as a data-driven, embedded comparison engine, that starts by understanding the end customer and does all the heavy lifting for them. We do this all within our partners’ apps (i.e. we are a B2B2C company), and in turn drive engagement and revenue for our clients, such as TSB Bank.


Ordo’s highly secure, cloud based, open banking enabled payments platform provides businesses large and small with low cost, secure and easy to use e-commerce, Point of Sale and invoice payments direct from their customer’s bank accounts into their own bank accounts. Businesses can access the Ordo platform in a number of ways: though an Ordo Merchant Acquirer/PSP payments partner, via Ordo’s modern APIs, and for smaller businesses, through our integrations with QuickBooks, Sage, and Xero accounting software or directly via Ordo’s web/app interfaces. Ordo also uses open banking payments to enable refunds and secure customer pay outs as well as account validation services. Ordo was founded by the former management team of the UK’s Faster Payments Scheme in 2018 to use open banking payments to provide businesses with a much-needed alternative to slow, high-cost card payments and insecure direct bank payments. Ordo is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority as a Payments Institution for Account Information Services and Payment Initiation Services (FRN 836070). Ordo is backed by private investors, Nationwide Building Society Ventures and CGI, the global IT services business.


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IPification is building the backbone for mobile authentication of today and tomorrow. By verifying the device, SIM & phone number via IP address, IPification patented technology is enabling secure, passwordless, zero-tap compatible mobile user authentication, registration, transaction approval and fraud prevention solutions for any mobile application. Readily available across numerous countries and regions, IPification is trusted by some of the leading telco, technology, payment, and OTT companies including Microsoft, GBG, DataZoo, 3HongKong, Axiata Digital. Benefit Vantage Limited is a provider of security and data backup solutions in Asia, headquartered in Hong Kong, it has a subsidiary in Switzerland, IPIFICATION INTERNATIONAL AG, and representatives operating in the U.S., U.K., Serbia, Russia, Bosnia, Brazil, India, Vietnam and Pakistan. For more information, please visit www.ipification.com

viafintech GmbH (Paysafe)

We believe that financial services should be accessible to everyone, safe, easy to use and perfectly integrated into our daily lives, so that we never have to worry about them. Therefore, we work on simplifying financial services in everyday life so that you can on what really matters to you and your customers. The unique viafintech payment infrastructure enables various features like cash-based banking services such as withdrawals, deposits, and money transfers, cashless payment methods, prepaid solutions such as gift cards, and many more. Our core product is called viacash that offers smartphone enables withdrawals, deposits, and other cash payment services. The Mobile ATM’s is the mobile-first solution to allow consumers to deposit or withdraw cash with their mobile banking app at a retail store nearby. Similar to ApplePay and other mobile banking services, the feature supports the trend towards smartphone-only banking but other channels are also available.



Osper is a parent-managed debit card for young people. We teach children how to earn, spend and save in a safe, protected environment. Osper has issued 150,000 debit cards to children aged 6-18 across the UK, helped them spend and save more than £110M and we’re loved by parents and children.

We recently launched Prosper, our youth banking platform, which allows anyone to quickly and easily launch their own children’s card scheme, no matter where they are.