22nd March 2022 | HYBRID EVENT

Business Design Centre London


PAY360 2022 Agenda

Accelerating the payments industry digitisation together


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Welcome Remarks & Attendees Orientation 


Keynote Address

Senior representative, Lloyds Banking Group  


Keynote Discussion:  Spotlight on UK Payments Regulation 

  • Where are we now, where are we going and what might influence how we get there? 
  • Post Brexit – are we going to see a divergence between UK & EU regulations?  
  • What is the impact on innovation?  
  • How to handle emerging risks 
  • What should be the regulatory priorities for the UK payment sector?  
  • ISO20022 – mandates and their impacts on the payments industry 


Paul Roe, Head of Department of Payments Supervision, FCA 

& more to be announced! 


Keynote Session: The Evolution of Payments – Looking to the Future 

The pandemic triggered significant behavioural changes around the World, and the accelerated shift to digital payments has become the ‘new normal’.  

This session explores how consumer demand and the latest emerging technologies will further adapt the way we pay and get paid in the future and the role the industry will have in driving this forward. 

Kelly Devine, Divisional President UK & Ireland, Mastercard 


Keynote Conversation: How is Open Banking Paving the Way to Open Finance 

  • What is the future of Open Banking Payments?  
  • What are the lessons learned so far and what should be corrected? 
  • How should conflicting policy goals such as security, innovation, competition and consumer protection be balanced? 
  • How are incumbents, startups, and consumers working together?  
  • How does this compare to Europe and globally?  
  • Where are the industry opportunities and challenges and how to make the most from emerging payments models?  


Join the session with our senior line up of expert speakers to find out! 


Jim Wadsworth, Senior Vice President, Open Banking, Mastercard  

Francesco Simoneschi, Co-Founder and CEO, TrueLayer 

& more to be announced! 


Networking Coffee Break   

Choose your sessions 
You can swap between streams 


The Future of Payments Stream 


Interview: Building trust and inclusion in the digitized post pandemic world  


  • How to customize offerings to raise relevance and broaden the reach of account adoption, innovate channels to reach more customers at lower cost and mitigate risk to address absence of credit histories 
  • Where should the journey start?  



The Customer Experience and Innovation Stream 


Interview: Decoding Embedded Finance – A game changing opportunity?  


  • What is it, how does it work, who are the players?  
  • What is the market potential of embedded finance?  
  • How Banking-as-a-Service enables embedded finance  
  • From minimizing friction at the point of sale to enhancing customer engagement.  
  • What are the best practices and case studies? 



All-Star Discussion: Tackling the Challenges and Opportunities of the Rise of Alternative Ways to Pay  


How Alternative Payment Methods are transforming the payments industry.  


From virtual mobile wallets to peer-to-peer money transfer apps, there are an increasingly diverse number of ways to pay, beyond the old medium of cash and, as alternative payments proliferate, companies need to move quickly to ensure a frictionless customer experience.  


Diana Carrasco Vime, Managing Director, Head of Merchant Services, Lloyds Banking Group 

& more to be announced! 

All-Star Discussion: The Future of Great Customer Experience is Phygital  


  • Exploring the shifts in customer behaviour and understanding their evolving needs to better serve them.  
  • How to set your brand up for enduring success and the importance of building out a unified CX mindset and culture. 
  • The importance of working toward a hybrid customer experience, balancing digital with human elements, and shifting from a mindset of “call centre” to “customer experience centre”.  
  • What does digital user engagement mean for traditional financial institutions?  
  • What does best practice look like?  



Networking Lunch  


The future of Payments Stream 


Presentation: Financial Crime, Payments Fraud and Digital Identity – How to Create a Trusted Network 


  • What help is needed from regulators to prevent Financial Crime and Payments Fraud and what is the role of Digital Identity?  
  • How effective are we today in stopping Financial Crime and Money Laundering? What are the main barriers?  
  • Which technologies have the greatest potential and why?  
  • How will Digital Identity make a difference? 

The Customer Experience and Innovation Stream 


Presentation: Payments Data Analytics – Challenges and Solution Perspectives 


  • Why payments data is the key to unlocking new customer value 
  • How to make a smart use of data analytics for personalisation of payment methods 
  • How to leverage payment data and analytics to mitigate compliance risk 



All-Star Discussion: The Future of Instant, Frictionless and Cross-Border Payments – Pushing the Frontiers of Payments  


The panel of senior experts will discuss the impact of COVID-19 on cross-border transactions and what the future holds.  

  • How can the banking industry reinvent itself to stay relevant in cross-border payments?  
  • Which regions are showing promise in developing and implementing robust cross-border payments initiatives?  
  • What are the risks and benefits associated with new payment solutions (e.g. Stablecoins and CBDCs)? 


Oonagh McGrane, Director, FI Commercialisation, Client Products , Lloyds Banking Group 

& more to be announced! 

All-Star Discussion: How to Capitalise on the Adoption of Disruptive Technologies  


  • Unleashing the power of technology and seizing new opportunities  
  • How to integrate change 
  • Does AI have the potential to power the future of financial services?  
  • How to deploy payment systems in the cloud as part of your cloud adoption strategy 
  • Is biometrics the new frontier for payments? 
  • What and where are the successful use cases? 



Networking Coffee Break   


A Thought Leader’s Crystal Ball View  

What does the future of digital financial services hold? Hear from industry leaders on their top predictions for the years ahead. Join the session and learn how to best plan and respond to upcoming challenges in the world of fintech, payments and financial services. Our senior panel of experts will harness key themes that will drive the industry over the next 12 months. 


Jessica Richards, Head of Market Development, Payments, NatWest 

Rowan Taylor, Chief Revenue Officer, Tink 


Fintechs Pitch LIVE Finale in association with Mastercard  

A session that connects the most ambitious fintech companies with leading VCs and senior executives in the financial services industry. Join the session and have a chance to hear from 3 leading fintechs innovators on the exciting new technologies set to disrupt the payments industry.  



David Crawford, Customer Goal Lead, Effortless Payments Retail Banking, NatWest 

Bruce McIntyre, Senior Partner, NovitasFTCL 

Adam Beveridge, Investment Associate, SFC capital 

Alison Conway, Head of Strategic development, Trust Payments 

Juliette Souliman, VC Investor, MMC ventures 

Kevin Chong, Co-Head, Outward VC 

Sam Riordan, Head of Proposition Development & Innovation, Client Products, Lloyds Banking Group 

Felix Martinez, Associate, Seedcamp  


Closing Remarks  


Networking Drinks & Announcement of Fintechs Pitch LIVE Winner