Crown Agents Bank

Crown Agents Bank combines new digital capabilities and infrastructure with a unique network built up over centuries. In this time, we have developed deep and trusted relationships all over the world.

The work we do has an impact felt by people from around the world. We help banks engage on the world stage and support fledgling economies to overcome challenges like inflation or climate change. Through the integration of Segovia technology following our recent acquisition, we ensure that money is delivered directly to the required mobile wallets to reduce risk and improve accountability.

We offer cross-border transactional banking solutions, underpinned by the latest technologies, to meet the needs of governments, development organisations, banks and non-bank financial organisations. Our services include foreign exchange, payments, pensions, payroll, as well as deposits and trade finance.

Through the services we offer to our partners and clients, we are indirectly contributing to financial inclusion across the globe, by encouraging international trade and enabling growth to help alleviate poverty. We believe in the power of technology to bridge the divide between developing, emerging and frontier markets, and the rest of the world.

We move money to where it’s needed.

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