Duesday is a fintech startup in Cornwall changing the way we pay our recurring bills forever, giving you back control to pay your direct debits how and when you want for free. 😀 DUESDAY was formed in 2016 to help merchants and their customers build simple yet powerful payment relationships. Our unique platform made us a new type of integrated payment provider, securing reliable payments and curating customer loyalty from cradle to grave. We brought PayTech to customer-centric service providers, global brands and new verticals. As a payment institution regulated by the FCA, we developed an infrastructure with bank-grade security, fully compliant with PSD2, GDPR and ready to lead the way in the new Open Banking era. Born in the rugged valleys of Cornwall and scaled to perfection in the City, we're proud to serve customers throughout the UK and support services in Europe and the Americas. Over time the features in our modular platform grew and are now complemented by our consumer-facing Duesday mobile app, empowering consumers with features like bill splitting, loyalty, rescheduling and security enhancements (KYC, SCA). Next, we embarked on an indirect sales-channel approach targeting several verticals to demonstrate an immediate ROI through enhanced and optimised collections processes without significant migration effort. With clients across the UK and a first partner in the US, coupled with recent expansion into online card payments and Chip & Pin machines, Duesday provides a unique fully integrated payment solution. A one-stop-shop for payments.
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