Kani Payments

Kani Payments has one mission – to minimise and eliminate the use of manual back end processes for Financial Institutions, Program Managers and Co-brand Partners. We aim to improve operational efficiency of businesses by providing our clients with an easy-to-use all-in-one Finance and Business Intelligence solution securely hosted and developed by a team of FinTech experts.
By integrating directly with our clients chosen Processors, Banks and Card Schemes, Kani can intake data from any party in almost any format and give a direct, readable and accurate visual to our clients meaning that multiple integrations are a thing of the past. Kani is Processor agnostic, Bank agnostic and Scheme agnostic.
Our solution offers a flexible and reliable option for team members to quickly and accurately run tasks that would otherwise be time consuming and very open to error, quarterly reporting such as Mastercard’s QMR or Visa’s QOC being a great example.
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