Okay provides a fully PSD2 SCA compliant solution to secure transaction authentications via smartphone, with unique mechanisms to shield from any new innovative attacks.


Okay works with all issuers and processors to integrate security mechanisms into their applications via an SDK to secure the authentication of cardholders during a digital transaction or any SCA challenge and make the experience as frictionless as possible.


The Okay solution was created with three founding principles:


More and more purchases are triggered from a smartphone. We designed a solution that can protect the transaction and the authentication on the very same mobile.


We wanted to create a solution that could protect the validation of a transaction and its information on a smartphone that could already be compromised, and ensure the possession factor in any circumstances, including against new innovative types of attacks.


We focused on the transaction security only, we do not protect the banking app or the cardholder’s smartphone. This to allow strong security on a vital point – the transaction– and performance of the authentication process to keep it as short as possible. That is an important aspect of a frictionless experience for cardholders.


When it comes to security, Okay’s slogan is “Sign what you see”. With Okay your users can always be sure that the transactions being confirmed is the right one.

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