21st & 22nd March 2023

Old Billingsgate Market, London


Exhibitor Manual - Headline information

Monday 21st March 2022 Tuesday 22nd March 2022 Tuesday 22nd March 2022
Shell scheme exhibitors: From 11:00-20.00 Space only/custom build exhibitors: From 09.00-20.00 *Please note that space only stands will need to be booked into the vehicle schedule. Reach out to Emily Beard for more information on this. Exhibitor access from 07:30 *Please note that ALL exhibitors need to be set up and ready for 08.00 in order to open Registration. We will not be able to delay registration open if your stand is not ready.  08:00 -16:30 – Registration opening timings 08:00 -18:00 – Exhibition opening timings 08:50 -17:00 – Conference Sessions 17:00 -18:00 – Drinks Reception in Exhibition Hall Exhibitor breakdown from 18.30 – 20.00 *Please note ALL stands must be broken down by 20.00. Pick up of any stand material must also be complete by 20.00. 
*Please note that the above timings are subject to change. For any updates on the agenda, please refer to the link below for the most up to date timings: www.pay360conference.com/agenda/ 
Compulsory for ALL exhibitors  Deadline  More information  
Logo & Profile  ASAP  If you haven’t already, please send through your logo in eps/ai format as well as your 150-word company profile to Emily Beard as soon as possible. 
Health & Safety Declaration form  ASAP  Once you have read through the online Exhibitor Manual, this must be downloaded, signed and sent to Emily Beard (The form can be found at the bottom of the ‘Extended’ exhibitor manual page).  
Venue’s Risk Assessment   ASAP on the order link provided   You will be obliged to complete this on the Event Manager link before proceeding to make any order. It is a compulsory requirement from the venue.   
Power & Lighting  Advisable deadline: Friday 25th February 2022  *Order before 7th March 2022 to avoid a surcharge fee of 20%  Order on the Event Manager link  
Shipping Information & Deliveries  Advisable deadline: Friday 25th February 2022    Please liaise with the supplier in advance to coordinate the details: WES Logistics Contact: Andrew Fleet Tel: +44 (0)20 8508 2224 Email: Info@wes-group.com http://wes-group.com/events/businessdesigncentre
Site Induction Form  Tuesday 8th March 2022  Once you have read through the online Exhibitor Manual, this must be downloaded, signed and sent to Emily Beard (The form can be found at the bottom of the ‘Extended’ exhibitor manual page). 
Staff passes   Monday 14th March 2022  Register your staff passes using the unique registration link sent to you in the initial exhibitor pack email 
Compulsory for Space Only/Custom Build exhibitors ONLY  Deadline  More information 
Confirming you will not take the shell scheme package  ASAP  It is important that we are informed well in advance if you plan to take a space/only custom build stand.   
RAMS, vehicle schedule booking & contractor details  Tuesday 22nd February 2022  See more information further down on this page.     
Business Design Centre  52 Upper Street Islington London N1 0QH  www.businessdesigncentre.co.uk Event Spaces for the conference:  Level 2, Gallery Hall & Conference Centre
All exhibitors will receive the below package unless you have informed Emily Beard that you would like a space only/custom build package    All shell scheme exhibitors will receive:
  1. Shell scheme walling (every exhibitor will have a back wall and some exhibitors may have side walls/open sides – please refer to your initial exhibitor pack email to see how many walls you have) 
  2. Name board and stand number 
  3. Standard furniture package which includes 1 x 6ft trestle table with grey tablecloth and 2 x conference chairs
  4. The venue is carpeted with grey carpet and does not need to be ordered 
What is not included in your package and would need to be ordered: 
  • Power & lighting 
  • Any additional furniture   
  • Stand dressing – branding/collateral to dress your stand 

If you plan to opt for a space only stand over the shell scheme package above, please inform Emily Beard as soon as possible. 

What we will need from you latest by 22nd February 2022: 

  1. Stand plans & visuals including dimensions 
  2. Risk Assessment 
  3. Method statement 
  4. Your contractor’s contact details as we will need to book them into the vehicle schedule  
  5. Your contractor to complete the venue’s risk assessment on the Event Manager link.  

Please note that all stand construction is limited to a height of 2.7m at the Business Design Centre. 

Power and lighting will also need to be ordered through the Event Manager link. The venue is carpeted, therefore you do not need to order carpet separately.  

Power is not included in your stand package and must be ordered separately through the Event Manager link. We recommend you order this latest by 25th February 2022. Note that if you order power after 7th March 2022, you will incur a 20% surcharge fee.  

For shell scheme exhibitors: We also highly recommend ordering 2 x spotlights for your stand to ensure it is well lit within the hall. 

If you require to pay via invoice rather than credit card, please contact Elena Hornsby-Hallett on elenah@bdc.london.

Exhibitors and contractors must comply with The Electricity at Work Regulations, the IEE Wiring Regulations, the EVA Electrical Regulations and the venue’s electrical regulations. If you are bringing any portable electrical appliances onsite for your stand (e.g laptop, charger, etc), please ensure they have a recent PAT test pass certificate. You can send this to Emily Beard (emily.beard@thepaymentsassociation.org) pre-event OR bring with you onsite.  

Please note the Business Design Centre does not have any extension leads. If you require one, please ensure that you bring one with you to the exhibition.   

During the open period of an exhibition, stand mains supply will normally be switched on no later than half an hour before the show opens and switched off no later than half an hour after it closes. If you require 24-hour power please order this via the online ordering system.  

For shell scheme exhibitors onlyDisplay materials may be affixed to the panels using double-sided Velcro, twin-stick pads or blu-tack. No nails, screws or staples can be used. It is recommended that the thickness of these display materials does not exceed 3-5mm. Support brackets and chain packs must be used to hang heavier items which can be ordered online on the Event Manager link. 

Optional Orders

Shell scheme exhibitors: As noted above, 1 x trestle table and 2 x conference chairs are included in the package. To order more/additional furniture please reach out to Thorns, our preferred furniture supplier. 

Space only exhibitors: Your contractor should provide the furniture as part of the package, however if you’d like to order furniture separately, please reach out to Thorns, our preferred furniture supplier. 

Order directly HERE. 

Contact information for any additional queries: 

Name: Sue Heaney  

E-mail: sue@thorns.co.uk  

Phone: 0208 801 4444 

If you would like to rent a screen, laptop or any other audio visual, please contact Mark Fawcett our official AV provider, Event Focus on the details below: 

E-mail: mark@eventsfocus.co.uk 

Cc: nikki@eventsfocus.co.uk 

Tel: 07960 476212 

View Audio Visual Price List

The Good Eating Company has the sole rights to all food and beverages consumed at the Business Design Centre.  All food, beverages and associated catering equipment must therefore be ordered through them. Should any organisation attempt to provide their own food, beverages or catering equipment on site they will be asked to remove it or to pay a ‘corkage’ fee.  

Those exhibitors who wish to order stand catering, please make this known to Emily Beard first before reaching out to the venue’s catering contact liam@goodeatingcompany.com and operationsbdc@goodeatingcompany.com. 

To hire or buy plants from the venue’s local florists, please contact two of their preferred local suppliers: 

Angel Flowers 

60 Upper Street, London

Tel: 020 7704 6312

Website: www.angel-flowers.co.uk

Dansk Flowers 

St. Mary’s Church, 303 Upper Street, London

 Tel: 020 7354 5120 

Website: www.danskflowers.com 

For shell scheme exhibitors only: We are working with Onward Display, the venue’s internal signage company.  

If you would like to order graphics/ banners etc for your stand, simply contact them quoting ‘PAY360’ with your stand number and they will provide you with the correct artwork specifications and pricing.  

Email: bdc@onwarddisplay.com 

Call: 020 3219 7920

There is complimentary Wi-Fi available at the venue. If, however, you need a secure connection for any demos or simply to use at your stand, we’d highly recommend renting a wired internet line as the complimentary connection is subject to the number of users. 

You can order this on the Event Manager link.

Please use the link below to purchase a badge scanner for your stand:


Additional Information

We have secured preferential rates with the London Hilton Angel Islington which is directly next to the Business Design Centre. 

You can book a room securing the next best available rate with a 15% discount already applied on the link HERE.* 

*Please take note of the cancellation policy (7 days prior to check in) as we will not be able to refund any room nights.  

This is situated to the right-hand side of the registration area and will be open half an hour before and after the show open times. 


All exhibits and stand equipment must be removed from the halls by 20:00 on Tuesday 22nd March 2022. Any remaining items will be removed as waste at the exhibitor’s expense.   

If you are arranging your own courier you must remain in the hall until all your items have been collected. No items should be left behind unattended unless otherwise agreed with the organiser 

Exhibitors are responsible for all hired accessories within their stand area and any damages will be made at the exhibitor’s own expense. 

The organisers have arranged general insurance cover for the exhibition hall however; it is the exhibitor’s choice and responsibility to arrange insurance for their exhibition stand, equipment and materials for the duration of the show, the organisers are not liable for damage or loss of any equipment. It is also the responsibility of the exhibitor to insure against legal liability incurred in respect of injury or damage to property belonging to third parties. 

The Business Design Centre require that exhibitors have a minimum cover of £2 million in Public Liability, Property Damage, Employers Liability. 

There is a car park located adjacent to the Business Design Centre with 285 under cover spaces and ample reserved spaces for drivers with disabled passes. You can pre-book to guarantee a parking space by visiting bdc.london – click on Visiting the BDC and then ParkingCar parking is charged at £3.90 per hour between the hours of 07:00 and 17:00 with overnight parking (17:00 to 07:00) charged at £2.50 per hour. Please note the car park has a height restriction of 1.9m. 

The venue will provide general security within the exhibition hall.  However, responsibility for the security of individual stands and their exhibits lies with the exhibitor. 

For reasons of security, all exhibitors are advised to remove all portable and valuable items whenever their stands are unattended, including during build-up and breakdown. It is recommended that exhibitors do not leave their stands unattended at any time when the hall is open, whether during build-up, exhibition viewing or breakdown periods. In the event of loss or damage, the organisers should be informed immediately. 

There are three options to deliver your stand materials: 

  1. If your stand items are minimal, we recommend that you bring these with you onsite during set up and park at the BDC’s parking area (see the information above on parking).  
  1. Ship directly to the venue using your own courier, however, note that items can only arrive/be picked up during tenancy hours and this will need to be booked into the vehicle schedule. If this is your preferred option, please contact Emily Beard to coordinate logistics. Emily will also provide you with the correct shipping labels to use.  
  1. You can ship directly to the venue using the venue’s preferred supplier, WES Logistics.  WES can provide early storage for items that are sent ahead of the event. They can also take care of any issues that may arise with international imports. The team will deliver items directly to your stand at the start of the build-up period, store any boxes during the event and provide shipment back to you post event. To receive a quote, please see their contact information below.  


WES Logistics 

Contact: Andrew Fleet

Tel: +44 (0)20 8508 2224

Email: Info@wes-group.com


Exhibitors are advised to bring trolleys for build-up and breakdown as they are NOT provided by the Business Design Centre. Trolleys cannot be used during the exhibition open periods. 

If you are planning on shipping any heavy items for your stand please advise Emily Beard (emily.beard@thepaymentsassociation.org) ASAP as there are weight restrictions in the venue.  

Exhibitor Manual - Extended including Health & Safety information for exhibitors

The information below provides an extensive overview of health and safety at the event. Although some exhibitors plan to set up a simple stand, we still require you to read through the information below before completing the Health & Safety declaration form and CDM form. These forms are found at the bottom of each section, to be downloaded, completed and sent back to Emily Beard.   We have set out our responsibilities under the prevailing legislation and under the auspices of the Health and Safety at Work (etc.) Act 1974, together with subsequent Regulations, Amendments and Approved Codes of Practice. As a business and an exhibitor you are also required to ensure that your attendance at the event is conducted in a way that exposes you and those around you to the minimal possible risk. 

The front of the building has a ramp to enable easy access in to the venue, there is also a passenger lift to all floors. There are toilets on all levels within Stairwell B and adjacent to the Gallery level in Stairwell F. For further information regarding accessibility at the venue please visit: www.businessdesigncentre.co.uk/visitors/accessibility/  

Please note that all space only stands with a raised platform require ramped access for disabled visitors. 

Drinking of alcohol and use of drugs on site during the build-up and breakdown phase is forbidden. Any person found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs would be asked to leave the site immediately.  

Animals are not allowed on site unless they are part of the event. Guide and hearing dogs are permitted on request.  

Use of helium or balloon gas filled balloons must be agreed in writing to elenah@bdc.london  prior to the event. A £100 refundable deposit will be required for their use at the venue. 

In April 2015, The Construction Design Management legislation came into force in the UK to further regulate the industry and ensure that safety was the highest priority.  

It is now the responsibility of organisers, as principle contractors, to do all that is reasonably practicable to prevent personal injury and damage to property, and to protect everyone from foreseeable work hazards at all locations.  

Co-operation and participation of all employees, trainees and sub-contractors is essential to obtain high standards of safety practices. Therefore, no exhibitor or contractor will gain entry to the halls during construction or deconstruction, without a signed copy of the Site Induction Form which can be found at the bottom of this page.  

If you have any further questions relating to Construction Design Management and how it affects your participation in this event please contact Emily Beard (emily.beard@thepaymentsassociation.org).

If you are unaware of the CDM law, please note the important information below as there are some actions for you to complete as an exhibitor. 

What is the law? The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015. 

What does this mean? It means that legally exhibition and other event sites are now under the same set of laws and controls as large-scale building and construction sites. 

What is the practical effect? Like construction sites, whilst building or dismantling is occurring, we are legally required to implement safe working practices and other ‘control measures’ to limit risk – as are you. 

What does this mean for you as an exhibitor, contractor or visitor to the site? 

It means that to gain access to the site during what we know as build-up or break down you will need to: 

  1. Complete the Site induction form to say that you understand your responsibilities. This form can be found at the bottom of this page. 
  2. Wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
  • Wear a high-visibility jacket – This is only applicable for exhibitors/contractors who are accessing the loading bay at the venue. This will be a requirement for every exhibition site during the build and break stages so investing your own durable, comfortable version is a wise move.                                                                                                                                                For space only exhibitors – The contractors you hired to build your stand MUST wear one during build and breakdown in the loading bay areas.   
  • Wear sturdy ‘conforming’ footwear – This is applicable for ALL exhibitors during build and breakdown.  

These are designed to avoid puncture or crushing injuries, such as a nail penetrating the foot or heavy item landing on it. Technically, this requires what you might think of as ‘work boots’ and are compulsory to wear during build and breakdown. For clarity Converse, open-toed shoes, sandals or any other soft-soled footwear are not sufficient and will mean our team reluctantly have to turn those wearing them away. Thick, leather-soled shoes may be acceptable and usually are Timberland boots, but on the basis that much of the leather/ sole remains and it is thick enough for a nail to bend rather than penetrate. Again, purchasing a good pair of sturdy boots is a good investment in comfort across all the trade shows you exhibit at. 

Who controls all this? One significant change in the law is that inspections are now carried out by the government’s Health & Safety Executive who have the power to issue very substantial on-the-spot fines, so please ensure your safety, those of others and avoid risk by co-operating with what is a legal requirement on all of us. 

Thank you for your cooperation. Our teams are available to assist, and we ask your help in making the process as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Children under 16 are strictly forbidden to be in the halls during the build-up and breakdown. There are no exceptions to this rule.  


Cleaning of stands will be carried out overnight. General overnight cleaning will include sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and emptying of bins. All high-volume touch points such as door handles, push plates, handrails and lift call points are being sanitised on a regular basis. The venue have purchased new equipment to increase the level of cleaning possible with advanced training given to their team. This sanitisation method uses a Fogging Machine suitable for the EN14476 chemical as approved by Public Health England for treatment of the COVID19 virus.  

The venue will dispose of general waste and where possible will always recycle, however if you need to dispose of a large quantity of rubbish following the event, please contact our on-site event manager Elena Hornsby-Hallett on elenah@bdc.london. An additional charge may apply.

Please note that double-storey stands or stands higher than 2.7metres are not permitted  


Licensees/Organisers/Contractors/Exhibitors/their staff and agents must keep ALL common areas clear whilst building or dismantling stands, exhibits etc. All exhibits must be kept within the confines of the stand space and demonstrations must not cause undue congestion and/or obstruction of common areas. 

Use of gases will only be permitted where essential and by exception and these must be registered as a special risk. LPG is not allowed inside the venue. A certificate of installation by a GASSAFE registered fitter is required for LPG installations. Only one cylinder can be kept on the stand at any one time. Cylinders which have never contained gas (as opposed to cylinders which have been emptied) may be used for display purposes.  

Exhibitors intending to use televisions or any other potentially loud appliances for stand demonstrations or who wish to hold live demonstrations must contact the organisers for approval at least one month prior to the show to gain written permission. For some demonstrations such as treatments, licenses may be required. Please check with elenah@bdc.london.

You are reminded that you will be charged for making good any damage to the hall or stand area, including the floor, caused by your staff or contractors. Under no circumstances can stand construction, graphics, displays, etc. be attached to the fabric of the building. 

Exhibitors are reminded that they must comply with the stringent regulations governing materials used on site during an exhibition. Exhibitors must ensure that all exhibits are within their stand boundaries and that they do not block aisles, fire exits or fire equipment.  


If you discover a fire or someone reports a fire to you, immediately raise the alarm. This may be done in several ways:  

  1. Pick up any internal phone and dial 6666. This will connect you with reception. Tell the duty operative where the fire is, your location and your telephone extension. 
  2. Operate the nearest fire alarm call point by breaking the glass. If you do this (and it is safe to do so) please stay near the fire point to direct the attending security officer to the fire or dial 6666 and inform the duty operative of the site of fire.  


If it is decided to evacuate the building you will hear the fire alarm bells and tannoy messages informing you to leave the building. Please leave by the nearest fire exit or as instructed by members of the security staff. Please familiarise yourself with the nearest fire exits to your conference room or exhibition stand.  

Do not stay in the building once you have been instructed to leave. Do not stay to collect handbags, valuables etc.  

Fire assembly points are as follows;  

  • Front of the building: either the lower forecourt or round the side of the building by the tanning shop  
  • Rear of the building: pavement area outside the old royal free hospital in Liverpool Road  

Please remember:  

Do not do anything to endanger your life. Restrict your actions to trying to prevent the fire spreading by closing doors/windows etc & raising the alarm. Try to help by preventing people from going near the fire until help arrives.  

Please try to stay calm and encourage others to do the same.

As an exhibitor you have a legal duty of care for the safety of anyone who may be affected by your activities. You are ultimately responsible for all aspects of safety on your stand during the build-up, the open period of the show and during the break down. Where you contract out the building and finishing of your stand you are still vicariously responsible for the activities of your contractors. You can discharge your duties by ensuring that you do the following:  

  • Appoint a competent person to be responsible for health and safety on your stand. For the build-up and breakdown this can be your contractor. 
  • For shell scheme stands, the official stand builder will provide the organisers with a risk assessment covering the build of your stand. 
  • You must ensure that your staff and contractors working on site are informed of the site rules and health and safety arrangements which are detailed below and you must ensure so far as you reasonably can that they follow them. 
  • You must ensure that all your staff on site and contractors are familiar with the venue’s emergency procedures. 

First aid facilities will be available during the exhibition at all times. The First Aid room is located on the Gallery Level – opposite the Gallery Hall registration desk. In the case of emergency, contact the medical staff or a member of security on 0207 288 6666.  

There is a significant risk of slips, trips, falls and sharp objects left on the ground. All those working in the halls in build-up and breakdown are strongly advised to wear appropriate safety footwear.  

Exhibitors have a duty to ensure proper food hygiene to guard against contamination and food poisoning. It is compulsory to use the venues catering for this reason. 

Fumes are NOT permitted in the exhibition.   

Hanging wires are not to be left hanging below head height and must be marked with tape.  


Hazardous substances are not to be brought into the halls unless essential. The use of hazardous substances must be subject to a COSHH assessment. Exhibitors must declare the use or display of hazardous substances as a special risk.  


Any company proposing to use lasers must inform the Venue Contact immediately, together with details of laser equipment, a drawing of the stand and the location of the beam.  The Local Authority Regulations, which apply to laser use within exhibition venues, must be strictly adhered to (further details available on request).   

Forklifts are only allowed in loading bay areas and not permitted in the halls. The use of electrical pump trucks are not permitted.  

The loading bay at the Business Design Centre is located to the rear of the venue on Liverpool Road (sat nav postcode N1 0QH). It is sign posted by a ‘Goods In’ sign and can be found between Bromfield Street and Barford Street. If you are having trouble locating the loading bay, you can contact the office on 0207 288 6489.  


Exhibitors can access the service lift from the Loading Bay, which enables you to unload directly into the Gallery Hall/Atrium. Please see dimensions of the lift below: 


Gallery Hall Goods Lift (Lower Loading Bay) 






5500mm Long x 2550mm Wide x 2500mm High 


Exhibitors wishing to play any recorded material (including CD/Record/Cassette/Video) must obtain a licence from the Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) and the Performing Rights Society (PRS).  Exhibitors are solely responsible for obtaining any licence required to play music on their stand. Please firstly agree permission with Emily Beard (emily.beard@thepaymentsassociation.org).  

Working at height is to be in accordance with LOLER and the Working at Heights Regulations. As such, all working at heights is subject to risk assessment.  

  • All rigging from the roof is to be carried out by the official rigging contractor. 
  • All working platforms are to have a guard rail, mid rail and toe board. Tools are to be kept on lanyards so far as is reasonably practicable 
  • Static and mobile access working platforms must be fit for purpose (see Working platforms). 
  • Separate risk assessments are required for working on a live edge (before rails are in place). In such cases fall arrest equipment must always be used. 
  • Operatives working at height other than on a static working platform designed for that purpose (e.g. scaffold) must be clipped on. 
  • Operatives working at height must have suitable head protection e.g. bump caps. 
  • Ground access to areas in the vicinity must be controlled to prevent persons accidentally walking directly under high works. Ground workers in the vicinity must not work directly under high works and wear suitable head protection e.g. hard hats 

All of the above is a summarised guide. For full details on any particular aspect, please seek professional advice. If you do not know who to contact that please seek advice from the organisers. 

Now that you have read all the above important health and safety information, please download, complete and return the following two forms to Emily Beard  (emily.beard@thepaymentsassociation.org):

  1. Health & Safety Declaration Form – Due: ASAP
  2. CDM form – Due: Tuesday 8th March 2022