22nd March 2022 | HYBRID EVENT

Business Design Centre London


Fintechs Pitch LIVE 2021 - in association with Mastercard

For 2021 we invited Fintech start-ups to compete to identify the most exciting and most innovative new technology or service in the Payments sector.

The Payments Association wanted to recognise the companies that are set to revolutionise how people move, manage and spend their money. Judged by an international panel of experts from the investment community, each company had 5 minutes to impress our judging panel (which includes some of the biggest venture capital names) followed by 5 minutes of Q&A.

The prize? Not only have the pitchers elevated their profile and positioned their company as the next big thing in the industry, but the winners also received a FREE membership to The Payments Association community and a feature in our Fintechs Pitch LIVE Winners eBook, authored by The Fintech Power 50.

The sessions were broadcasted on the main stage of the PAY360 Digital event and all the on-demand pitches are hosted on The Payments Association website.

Day One - Consumer

Here are some companies that have technologies and services that are innovating to provide choice, enhanced customer experience and financial wellness tools to consumers.

Oliver Gale

Chief Executive Officer

Søren Nielsen

Chief Commercial Officier

Jack Nikogosian


Maysam Rizvi

Founder and CEO


Will Smith, Co-founder of tred

Will has a deep understanding of using data to change behaviours both in the start-up and corporate world. He has reduced food waste at a UK supermarket by £26m, negotiated £250m government contracts and helped get healthy people out of hospital quicker. A GB triathlete and drummer! 

>>Watch Will’s pitch here

Day 2 - Merchant

These are companies empowering businesses with alternative payment solutions (in-store & online), helping them to get paid, manage expenses and prosper in the new normal.

David Armstrong

Managing Director

John Cavebring

Founder, CEO and CTO

Craig Tillotson

CEO & Co-Founder

Sina Yamani



Miguel Mateus, Co-founder of Izicap

Miguel helped to launch 4 different startups in 4 different countries (Portugal, Italy, Morocco and Brazil) as a Consultant and Izicap as an Entrepreneur that is already active in 3 countries and is expanding quickly. Izicap is the Card-linked CRM & Loyalty platform to help local merchants thrive! Read more

>>Watch Miguel’s pitch here

Day 3 - Enablers

These companies are leveraging AI, machine learning and the blockchain, to tokenise data, democratise investing, combat fraud and drive operational efficiency.

Sofia Augusto

Marketing Manager

Sergi Figueres

Co-Founder and CEO

Timothée Grüner

Antelop Solutions
Chief Commercial Officer

Sean Salloux

Baanx Group Ltd.
Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)


Daniel Greiller, Chief Commercial Officer of Weavr

Daniel has a wealth of experience leading and scaling businesses in exciting and emerging industries – it was this appetite to be at the forefront of the Embedded Banking revolution that brought him to Weavr. Read more

>>Watch Daniel’s pitch here