21st & 22nd March 2023

Old Billingsgate Market, London


Aarti Samani

SVP Product & Marketing

Aarti Samani leads the Product and Marketing functions at iProov. She has over twenty years’ experience in delivering innovative technology to the financial services and government sectors. Her work has ranged from managing technology transitions in capital markets to spearheading the product development and launch of text input solutions, revolutionizing the way consumers in emerging markets interact with their smartphones.


Speaker Q&A

What can we look forward to from your session at PAY360?

The session will explore how traditional authentication methods can impact customer experience. In an attempt to protect consumers from rising fraud levels, we have seen the adoption of increasingly complex legislation and authentication methods. However, this has placed more burden on the users, resulting in high friction customer journeys, cart abandonments and negative impact on inclusion. In my session, I will discuss how passive face biometric verification can improve customer experience, remove unnecessary friction and deliver the highest level of security.

Why is the topic important to you and your company? And why is the topic so important now?

Usability and customer experience are fundamental requirements for any solution, as they drive inclusion and reduce churn. Organisations need to ensure as many people as possible can access their goods or services and at the same time protect their business and customers from fraud and evolving threats. Passive face biometric authentication solutions that require no voluntary actions are easy for individuals to use and reduce friction in the customer experience.

This topic of striking the balance between security and usability is more important now than ever as digital usage has accelerated dramatically. More people are making payments online or are using digital wallets, and they want to have a seamless payment journey.

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