Adizah Tejani

Senior Innovation and partnerships manager

Adizah Tejani is Senior Digital Innovation Manager at HSBC UK, where she covers strategic technology partnerships and product strategy within lending and payments. Adizah has worked within the digital technologies space for the last decade. She continues her engagement work with fintechs, VC and other ecosystem players in order to drive new product development.

Before joining HSBC UK, Adizah was Director of Marketing EMEA at Token, an open banking fintech company from San Francisco. Before that she was part of the founding team of Level39, a London based a technology accelerator focused on fintech products. Through her vast experience of managing the rollout of digital products such as websites, billing systems and mentor matching platforms, Adizah understands how to build relationships and strategies that add value to all partners.

Over the years Adizah has worked on partnerships with industry leaders such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, IBM, JP Morgan, UBS, Thomson Reuters and Accenture. She has spoken internationally about the impact of technology, business and finance across Asia, Europe and America. In 2016, Adizah was named one of the top 100 business women in London by CityAM, and is a judge for the annual Chief Information Officer ( 100 across the UK, and for the European Women in Payment awards