21st & 22nd March 2023

Old Billingsgate Market, London


Nick Murray-Leslie


Nick Murray-Leslie has developed a reputation over the last 20 years as one of the leading advisors and thought leaders to the fintech sector. His team at Chatsworth focusses on making the case for investment in digital transformation and driving the adoption of new technology to improve existing processes across financial markets.

He founded Chatsworth as the first communications and advisory consultancy to focus exclusively on fintech and the agency and has advised and steered numerous fintech businesses from launch,  through growth, market adoption and onto corporate action.

Chatsworth supports, protects and promotes some of the most forward thinking and innovative fintech clients from systemically critical market utilities to challenger fintech start-ups.

Nick works with founders, investors, CEOs and management teams to position their offering, engage in the market and tell their story and really articulate their value proposition.

Prior to founding Chatsworth, Nick held senior communications roles at Barclays and Bank of New York Mellon and as Head of Media Relations at Huntsworth.


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