Rich Wagner

Rich Wagner, the dynamic CEO and Founder of Cashplus, is one of the key leaders in the UK payments industry. He has provided CEO and Board level experience within regulated banks and financial institutions for more than half of his 30 years of experience, including executive roles at Visa, Barclaycard and Providian. During the past 13 years since launch, Rich has steered Cashplus to numerous industry firsts including the first non-bank to secure a direct Issuing Membership with Mastercard, and the first non-bank to have banking services at the Post Office.
Rich’s passion for levelling the UK banking playing field and giving SMEs and consumers straightforward, fast and efficient alternatives to ‘traditional’ banking is well known. In fact, in addition to his CEO role, Rich is a dedicated industry advocate / activist having served as Chairman of the Emerging Payments Association. During this time, Rich has worked as a key catalyst to bring positive change to the UK payments and challenger banking landscape, most notably playing a central role in convincing the Bank of England to offer non-banks direct access to the payment system. So it’s no surprise that Rich was also selected as the first non-bank board member of the Euro Retail Payments Board at the European Central Bank in recognition of his status as an influential industry champion.
Rich has often rightly been described as one of the UK’s first-ever Fintech entrepreneurs and disruptors – leading in Fintech before Fintech became a “thing”! Rich has earned bragging rights as Cashplus is almost certainly the first Fintech challenger to banks to become and remain profitable seven years ago, and has acquired over 1.3 million UK customers since opening its doors, including 120,000+ small business owners. And, there’s no end in sight as Cashplus is now well into the process to make the move from a challenger to banks to becoming an actual specialist SME challenger bank and lender by early 2019.

CEO, Cashplus