21st & 22nd March 2023

Old Billingsgate, London



Reflow provides services to merchants and customers in the EEA. It is licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom (license # 811078) as a regulated Authorised Payment Institution.

Reflow is fast, modular and scalable so works for any size of business.  It’s a series of reliable components that can be combined with external Open Banking and mobile banking API technology to create amazing customer experiences.

Reflow offers Instant payments removing the need to enter long card numbers and the fear of getting card details stolen or hacked.  With no new logins or passwords, the customer approves the payment by using Touch ID or Fingerprint on their banking mobile app or their online banking password.

  • Reflow was the first TPP to have completed integration with more banks than anyone else. Mobile app payments simplify checkouts with frictionless secure direct bank payments for customers.
  • Reflow is one of the first company to pilot Pay.UK’s Request to Pay platform.
  • Reflow is also the first and only company to take Open Banking’s VRP to store / EPOS payments.
  • Instant Payments delivers lower transaction fees with instant and irrevocable payments. Because money changes hands directly, eliminates the risk of fraud for you and your customers.
  • Data Insights gives you access to consumer data so you can check their account details in real-time and make informed verification decision without giving customers the job of uploading their pay slips.